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Carrer de Consell 4
07560 Cala Millor

Phone: 0034-971-585-448 

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Open all year!

Mo – Fr

9 am – 1 pm  4 pm – 6 pm 

Special appointments at other times are possible by prior agreement.


    Distance approx. 8 km

    · Follow the sign post to Cala Millor

    · Passing two traffic circles and the Safari Zoo on the left hand

    · Ignore the first jungture to Cala Millor on the right hand (next to a garden center) and continue

    · After approx. 300 m further turn right and follow the sign post Cala Millor and Cala Bona 

    · About 900 m comes another traffic circle at which you turn right into the main road of Cala Millor

    · After about 100 m from the circle you turn into the second lane on the left side of the main road,  the C/ de Consell 

    · The praxis is at  house No 4,  clearly marked on a 1 m2 sign 


    Distance approx. 2 km

    · Follow the signpost Cala Millor

    · Next traffic-circle at the Repsol Petrol Station  follow the signpost Cala Millor

    · In a distance of 1 km is the last traffic circle (next to the restaurant “Buffet Can Pistoletta” on the right side

    · Drive straight on following the sign post and immediately enter Cala Millor

    · The second lane on the left side is the C/ de Consell, easy to identify by a large  1 m2 signboard with the  letters Fisioterapia / Masaje

    From the highway Nr MA 4030  San Lorenco- Son Servera/Cala Millor

    · Pass the viaduct just before the first street on the right side into Son Servera and keep going  

    · Continue straight on and pass the traffic circle with a symbolic steel  construction. Follow the sign post Capdepera/Cala Millor on MA 4040

    · After about 500 m in the next traffic circle turn right on the new road MA 4023 to Cala Millor (which avoids the narrow lanes through Son Servera)

    · Keep going to the next circle (at a large Repsol Petrol Station)

    · Follow the sign post Cala Millor on MA 4025

    · At a distance of  1km on comes the next and last traffic circle (next to the restaurant “Buffet Can Pistoletta” on the right side. Drive now straight on into Cala Millor      

    · After about 100m from the circle, you turn left into the second lane on the left side of the main road into the C/de Consell

    · The praxis is at house No 4, clearly marked on a 1 m2 sign                     


    Distance to the praxis about 800 m from

    · Placa Eureka at the promenade with an Info-kiosk of the local

    · Information Office between Burger King Restaurant and the pier for tourist-boats

    · Follow the main road Son Servera Camps inlands towards Son Servera

    · Pass the first and the second traffic light 

    · Pass a traffic circle and continue straight on

    · About 200 m after the circle is a large  1 m2 signboard MASSAGES

    · Turn to the right into the C/ de Consell 

    · Another large sign board with the letters Praxis Fisio at No 4 of the road shows the entrance to the praxis